2017 Coney Island Polar Dip

A DARE with a BEAR
A DARE with a BEAR

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Come take a plunge of Dare with a Bear with me.

I'll be jumping into the cold water on a cold wintry January 1rst, a symbol of my intention to live even more courageously in 2017 and dare even more into creating the life that I want for myself!

I invite you to join me where ever you are in the world!

Join me in NYC or from where ever you live in the world, on your own, or with a local 'Polar Bear' group.

Let's make a Courageous statement of our intention to make 2017 a year of courage in choosing to be even more of who we are and  daring to create the life that we want for ourselves.

We will share our pictures and intentions for the new year on my facebook page of them 'taking the plunge'.
Share your pictures of your Cold Dip with us
on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/ChArtYourLife/)


We’re taking the PLUNGE for Camp Sunshine and showing our heart-warmin’ side. Please help our team reach our goal by making a donation to our team or member of our team.

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